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The Latest Generation  

Why the Sobro Smart Side Table?

- Built-in cooler drawer
- Wireless charging
- Bluetooth speakers
- Motion-sensor lighting

...and so much more!


With a group of industry outsiders and maverick designers, Sobro dares to imagine the future of home furnishings. We believe that technology should make life more streamlined and we design products for today’s connected lifestyle and the future yet to come.


Designed in NYC: Funded by the Crowd

The Sobro Smart Coffee Table was designed in NYC by the team at StoreBound, a product innovation company.

Launched on Indiegogo in March of 2017, the Sobro Smart Coffee Table was a runaway success on the crowdfunding platform with well over 2000 backers pledging upwards of 1.5 million dollars to bring the Sobro Smart Coffee Table to life.

The coffee table began shipping to backers in October 2017 and launched in Best Buy's Smart Home flagship store that same month. 

Featured in over 100 prominent media & online publications from Forbes to CNet, the Sobro Smart Coffee Table is currently among the top 20 crowdfunding campaigns of all time. 


the Sobro Smart Coffee Table




Keep Chill

Keep up to 32 cans of beer, or chill a bottle of wine, in the built-in refrigerator drawer.

It can also hold plenty of fruits and vegetables and purified water and did we mention wine?


charged up web temp.jpg

Stay in Charge

Power up with 2 USB charging ports and 4 power outlets that allow you to keep devices nearby and fully charged.

Phones, tablets, mini drones and more.


Untether Your Tunes

Bluetooth speakers on each side of the Sobro smart coffee table deliver enhanced sound and bass.


Nice Touch

Power your smart coffee table with the touch of a finger.

A touch control panel is built into the tempered glass top for seamless control - no app required.


Set the Mood

LED lights on the underside of the Sobro Smart Coffee Table set the mood for a Netflix night or your next big bash.

whiskey splash 5.jpg

Tempered Glass Top

The tempered glass coffee table is sleek and strong.

No coaster arguments necessary.



Available in 3 Finishes

As Seen In:


The convenience of having a refrigerator full or beer, water, juice or soda hidden in a drawer inside a sleekly modernistic coffee table is far too tantalizing an idea to pass up
— Maxim Magazine