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Trueform Sobro Table

Trueform Sobro Table

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The Sobro Smart Coffee Table is a center for connection and comfort in your home. A built-in refrigerator drawer keeps up to 32 drinks cold for a refreshing boost at any time. Bluetooth-enabled speakers deliver an enhanced sound experience, while 2 USB charging ports and 4 power outlets allow you to keep devices nearby and fully powered. A touch control panel is built seamlessly into the tempered glass top, allowing you to control sound levels, playback, and lighting with the touch of a finger. LED lights on the underside of the Sobro Smart Coffee Table transform your space and make for amazing ambience, whether you’re watching Netflix or having your next big bash. 2 storage drawers keep your possessions on hand whenever you need a plug, bottle opener, or pen.

- Refrigerator Drawer 22" x 11" x 7"
- 2 USB Charging Ports
- 4 (120V) Power Outlets
- Bluetooth Enabled Speakers
- Touch Control Panel
- Tempered Glass Top
- LED Lighting
- 2 Storage Drawers 10" x 13" x 5"

Weight: 100 lbs

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