Bluetooth Connectivity

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Turning the Speakers On

To connect a device to the Sobro Smart Side Table with Bluetooth, hold down the circular Speaker Button on the back of the Sobro for 3 seconds. A tone from the table will alert you that the Bluetooth functionality is turned on.

Connecting Your Device

A device called “Sobro Smart Side Table (XX:XX)” should appear in the Bluetooth menu of your mobile device. Select this to connect the Sobro.

When Bluetooth is connected, you will hear the following sound

Pairing Two Tables

To pair two Sobro Smart Side Tables together, press the Speaker Button two times on both tables. After 10-15 seconds, you should hear a tone that is synced between the two tables.

The two Side Tables should be synced to each other with one table synced to the Bluetooth device for best results, rather than both tables separately synced to the same Bluetooth device.

Disconnecting Your Device

To unsync your mobile device, press the Speaker Button of the Sobro Smart Side Table to turn the speakers off.

This also works to disconnect two paired side tables from a phone—make sure to single-press the Speaker Button of the table that is connected to your mobile device. 

When tables are unpaired or when Bluetooth is disconnected, you will hear the following sound:

To unpair two side tables, double-press the Speaker Button on one of the side tables.

NOTE: If you don’t disconnect your Sobro Smart Side Table and the Bluetooth function on your phone is on, the Sobro will automatically connect when you are in range. Two synced Sobro Side Tables should remain connected to each other.

When the Bluetooth function disconnects, you will hear the following sound: